Sofi Sarkisyan is a Graduate from Yerevan State conservatory after Komitas. Also has completed twoyears of Post Graduate study at Yerevan State Conservatory and received her Master’s in Piano Performance. 

Stared playing piano at the age of seven at public elementary musical school. During early age participated in various competitions and concerts and had won several awards.

Worked as Piano Accompanist during her study years at Symphonic Conducting department at Yerevan State Conservatory.

After completing the education worked as Assistant Principal/Piano Teacher/ Piano Accompanist at the school of Arts after H,Danielyan. 

Performed in different Chamber Ensembles, also had  performances both solo and with Orchestra.

Attended Jazz Improvisation Class at Pasadena City College.

Currently employed with various music schools both as a Piano accompanist and  Piano teacher.

Presently performs at different venues in Los Angeles area.


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