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General Questions

It is ideal you have an instrument at home. We understand it is hard to buy a specific instrument when you just have started to take lessons and are not sure about an instrument. So we have decided to step up and help our student by offering you very low prices on renting an instrument from us as long as you are our student.

Although we recommend practice on a daily basis, it is not mandatory. Each student chooses their own practice schedule. Beginners often start with 15 minutes of practice a day and gradually increasing to 30 minutes by the end of the first year.

There is no set answer of how long it takes to learn an instrument. It depends on the age and maturity of the student, the amount of practice time, and the level of family involvement and support. Most of our students take lessons on a long term basis because they want to be constantly improving and they find the lessons enjoyable.

Absolutely! Our school offers MTAC’s Certificate of Merit program for piano, voice and violin. Our teachers prepare, pretest and help our students to success for annual state exams.

If you are not a musician, your most important role is to make sure that your child practice prior to the lesson. Parents are welcome to sit on their child's music lesson to get an idea of how the song should sound or how the fingers should be positioned on instrument and etc. Remember child needs parents full support to succeed.

Don't worry, if such a problem occurs, we have multiple teachers for same instrument in our school. All our teachers are highly qualified instructors and held to the same educational and experiential standards. If you think working with other teacher is more beneficial for you we have the flexibility to switch your instructor.

There are three simple ways to get started. You can call us, fill out "Interesting in Lessons" form either online or drop in paper version in the drop-box at the front-door. We keep it easy no matter what instrument you have chosen all our rates are the same. Rates starts from as low as $116.00 per month for 30 minutes lesson.

No, our semi-private lessons are grouped by playing level. It would not be unusual for a 7 year old to be in the same class as a 10 year old if both are beginners. Multi-aged classes are a very positive part of the music class experience.

Every child is unique and we do not believe in strict age categorization. We offer different methods of learning for different age students starting from four years old.

Absolutely, it is your choice when to be present. Your teacher will give you some advice on this after they get to know your child since some students work better with a parent in the room, others may find it distracting.