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Sebastián completed his Master degree in Music Composition at CSUN, where he was the president of the New Directions Composers Club. He is currently the composer, arranger, pianist and director of the opera group “Ensamble della Rosa.”

He has scored the music to various short films, including Omega, a short film written and directed by himself. In December of 2018 a full production of the Cult, a play written and scored by the composer, was featured at CSUN. In May 2019, the music of the play was featured as a music suite at his Graduate recital. A published author himself, his love for story telling has stirred him to be an active film, theater and multi-media composer.

Sebastián was born in EL Paso Tx and raised in Cd. Juárez Mexico, where he started learning several instruments at an early age, including the piano, violin, guitar, viola, cello, accordion and mandolin. In Juárez he eventually became active in the music community as a teenager, both in the popular and classical music scene. At age 19, he moved to Sacramento California where he finished his Bachelor degree in Music Composition at CSUS.

His many experiences as a musician, have broadened Sebastián Gallarzo’s compositional palette; these experiences include performing in several bands of diverse styles, playing in orchestras, singing in choirs (which has taken him to notorious venues such as Carnegie Hall in N.Y city), founding and directing a music program within an art academy in Sacramento, teaching and directing music groups, and composing music for large and small ensembles, short films, corporate videos and theater.


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