Varduhi Talasyan was born in Armenia. At the age of 10, she started to sing in the choir of Etchmiadzin Cathedral Apostolic church. Then in 2008 she was admitted to the "Arevik" (Arevner) Junior Youth Ensemble in Yerevan.  Being one of the leading soloists in the ensemble, she had various concerts, contests, recordings, and video shoots. She has had concert tours in different countries.  Constantly active rehearsals and concerts have given her great experience, which now is transferring her students.  In 2012 she started studying in the Pop Singing Department of Yerevan Music College named after Romanos Melikyan.  While studying, she worked as a vocal teacher at "Arevner" (Arevik) Ensemble.  In 2014, Varduhi Talasyan participated in the International "World Cup of  Performing Arts" Competition and received a Grand Prize.  In 2015, she moved to the United States with her family.  Returning to her homeland, Varduhi finished her studies and worked as a vocal coach at the Haykanush Danielyan Music School.  4 years in college gave her great experience in mastering different styles from folk to pop rock, mastering the piano and having lots of pedagogical and musical knowledge. Having settled in the US since 2016, she studied at GCC in the music department  and worked at Lark Music School. She became a vocal coach at "Anoush Dance studio and "Armenian Fairytales" children's theater,  and works with private students. Her top goal is for children to develop a high musical taste and to become audience with good taste. 


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