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Born into a musical family, Naim Dehghany began studying the Orf method under his formidable uncle's watchful eyes before turning four. Although family gatherings alone had exposed him to a wide-ranging array of instruments, his youngest uncle's Spanish guitar playing excited him the most. After years of begging his parents for an electric guitar, he finally received the most decrepit Spanish guitar that the family arsenal could marshal. Naim chose the path that, at twenty, led him to quit his mechanical engineering studies to favor a career in music and start anew at LAVC's applied music program and go on to graduating at the top of his class from UCLA with a degree in classical guitar performance. He is currently completing his master's thesis on Eastern poetry's influence on German Lieder at UCI. Concurrent with his university studies, Naim was fortunate enough to gain a myriad of teaching experiences that helped develop his unique teaching style. His experiences include teaching assistance at UCI, a year-long teaching internship at Orange Coast College's music department, tutoring music history and theory at LAVC, teaching guitar at Los Osos High School, and years of private teaching practice.

Naim's teaching philosophy revolves around positively reinforcing each student's strengths, aiming to cultivate individualized tastes unhindered by arbitrary conventions. Naim's eclectic approach ties together technique, theory, history, and musicianship seamlessly, like the flow of thoughts in his restless mind. Naim's highest teaching endeavor is an unrelenting refusal to give up on any willing student no matter how difficult the learning challenge.


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